All focused, aligned and coordinated working as one big soulful team.

Alma Workspace is the platform where teams work in an agile, effective and aligned way.

The perfect fusion in an app:
objectives, coordination, people, knowledge and communications.

We are a goal, coordination and human resources management software designed to align people towards a common goal.

This allows for more efficient management of the business, accurate tracking of the progress of each team's goals and stronger communication between members of the organization.

Clients who have aligned their teams,
with soul.

Everything organized in one place to make better decisions.

In an organization, people form work teams:

They have projects, tasks, processes, communications, performance, objectives, finances, climate and culture.

Alma Workspace is a central coordinator that organizes all the elements of a department to provide an integral vision, promoting greater coordination and communication between people.

Products designed to make your way of working
and scale the way you work.

Specific tools to manage the processes of the different areas and teams of your organization.

Cuts tools and consolidates costs.
Simplifies adoption and usability.

Stop spending on 3, 5 or more different platforms.
Alma Workspace delivers a 360 solution for your organization.
You learn one and you know how to use them all.

Is something missing and important to you?
We develop it to grow your business.

Every organization is unique in its people and processes.
To drive the growth of your business, you need a partner that adapts to your needs.

Our motto: "Deliver specific solutions that deliver value."

A differentiator that only a few of us have.