Management and Knowledge Base - Wiki

Centralizes and shares documents and knowledge in the organization's knowledge library "Knowledge Base".

Organize knowledge in a corporate library

Classifies the organization's knowledge in relation to its activities and processes.

  • Processes and ISO.
  • Policies, values and mission.
  • Documents and manuals.
  • Information for daily use.
  • etc.

Document visibility and segmentation

Segment documents according to user classification and organizational structure.

You can segment the visibility of content according to the classification you want to configure: departments, locations, job families, roles and others.

Don't waste time.
Easy navigation and search.

Are you looking for a solution that is easy to navigate so users can quickly find what they need without wasting time?

Have you heard the comment "I know the document is on 'that' platform, but I can't remember the path to the folders"?

In the Alma Workspace Wiki, navigation is simple and the search for information is fast, either through the general search engine, filter navigation, folder navigation or by list of documents.

Everything is organized and with assigned responsible persons

Stop using repositories that only allow sharing and downloading documents, as they only help to increase clutter and digital jungle in your organization.

In the Alma Workspace Knowledge Base, each document has a designated responsible person and an assigned organizational unit, in charge of performing revisions and continuous improvements.

Do you find outdated information or obsolete processes?
Report to the Wiki

If you notice that any Wiki is outdated, missing information or you think it could be improved, report it so that the responsible team can review it and improve it.