Communications, evolved intranet

Connect your entire organization with collaborative, targeted, segmented and multi-device tools.

Communications, coordination and people.

Stay on top of what's happening in your organization with featured messages, alerts, event postings, benefits, and more.

Alma Workspace offers social and collaborative tools to get feedback from people, manage requirements, receive comments and share compliments.

Corporate Portals, Departments and Groups

Access corporate portals with centralized information on specific topics, including messages, news, benefits, banners and relevant portal information. 

Also, join groups of people to share information and encourage participation in topics of common interest.

Posts, news, banners, alerts and mailings

We have a variety of tools and channels to ensure that your message reaches everyone and connects the entire organization.

Events, activities and photo gallery

Post your organization's events, activities and trainings to keep everyone informed. Communicate upcoming events so that people are aware of them and can confirm their attendance. 

Share photos of the event, receive comments and evaluations from participants to relive the moments and encourage participation.

Shared documents and knowledge management

Centralizes knowledge in a corporate library that organizes and classifies documents relevant to the organization's activities and processes.


Motivate teams with calls for different types of contests, set up prizes, receive feedback and publish image galleries.

  • Promoting entrepreneurial culture
  • Facilitate the selection of talent for specific roles.

Benefits and agreements

Segment benefits according to user classification and the structure of your organization, including departments, job families and locations.

Request benefits quickly and easily by filling out a form and automatically assigning the ticket to the team in charge.

Digital murals

Stream content to digital walls (such as smart TVs or other devices) quickly and easily to complement your broadcast channels.

Brings communications to high-traffic locations such as sales rooms, branch offices, internal TV channels, warehouses, among others.

- Online digital wall
- Content playlists
- Differentiated signal per device
- Remote administration